Along the Way pt.2

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“All the way to heaven is heaven, because He said I am the Way” St. Catharine

Barbara and I plan to hike the last part of the Camino de Santiago next September. It’s a pilgrimage beginning in the Pyrenees and concluding in Spain following the way of St. James the apostle.

There’s a fun movie about it, The Way, with Martin Sheen. As the story goes, his son is killed at the outset of the Camino. Martin decides to make the hike himself, dispersing his son’s ashes along the way.

Along the way he meets up with the scarecrow, the tin man, and the lion. Not really. But he does make the journey with 3 fun characters – a wounded woman wanting to quit smoking, an over weight man wanting to fit into his suit for a wedding, and an author trying to break free from writer’s block.

It’s a wonderful, and perhaps too real, journey.

As I am reflecting on the gospel for last Sunday and this (i.e. James and John wanting the right and left of Jesus in His glory and the others being indignant…), I think of those we get to travel with on our pilgrimage.

For example — Our small group this fall was, well it could have been a great movie, and I am certain our Lord was blessed watching and listening. It makes all the difference when others are going with you and are reaching out and touching lives around them. We encourage one another!

(Heb. 10:25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.)

I can’t recall being more enriched by simple testimonies!


Archbishop Kolini ++ & Bishop William+
New Covenant is a doubly blessed community of faith. Not only do we have one another, but our arms reach out far beyond our walls.

Today, Thursday October 18th, Ivan Sikha of MissionIndia is picking up Freda and Archbishop Kolini++ from Rwanda, and Bishop William+ from DRC at the airport. And tomorrow they will fly to Haiti to minister and spend 4 days with Fr. Burnet Cherisol, the Anglican Vicar of Haiti. Then they will return to spend a few days with us.


Fr. Burnet
These people have suffered greatly and paid a high price to follow Jesus, and to be in relationship with us. These people are true hero servants of the Faith! And to walk with them along the way to the promised inheritance is indeed an honor. A precious gift from Abba’s hand!

As the end of my ministry as rector of this parish draws near, I am awed, and in utter thanksgiving that God has allowed me to know these saints and in some way support their work for the Kingdom. I am also incredibly thankful for God’s graciousness in letting me be a part of this body of Christ that has chosen to reach out in love along the way!

“Loving each other is what we were meant to do and how we were made to roll. It’s not where we start when we begin following Jesus; it’s the beautiful path we travel the rest of our lives.”



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Carl Buffington, Rector My ministry at New Covenant began in 1993. Barbara, my wife, and our 3 children moved here from Evergreen, CO, high and dry to low and wet, quite a change. I was brought up in the northeast, a suburb of New York, and Barbara grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. We met while I was attending The Philadelphia Divinity School in West Philadelphia where I received an M.Div. degree in 1972, and I was ordained a deacon and priest in the same year. I went to seminary directly from college. I earned an A.B. degree from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. For 5 years of my ministry I was a traveling evangelist, sharing the story of our Lord and his presence and power in a different church every weekend. What I have always loved about New Covenant is the blending of the charismatic, the evangelical, and the sacramental aspects of the Faith. And what still gets me up in the morning is seeing people change, seeing people encounter the living Lord. I just love to see hearts changed by the Holy Spirit. Education: BA from the College of William & Mary 1969 MA in Divinity from the Philadelphia Divinity School 1972 Ordination: Ordained in the Diocese of CT – Deacon and Priest 1972 Ordained and Consecrated a Bishop, Emissary to Boga Diocese, Democratic Republic of the Congo - 2015

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