Worship & Music

Sunday Services:

8am Traditional
10am Contemp.
Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker! Ps 95:6


Have you ever wondered why you are here? Why did God create you, and for what purpose?  

The answer is simple: He created you to worship Him. When you worship, you focus on God, you praise Him for who He is and what He’s done, and you respond to Him with love and devotion.  

That’s what we are meant to do. When we worship, we are drawn into God’s presence. That is where we belong.

Our service at New Covenant is a worship service. It is a time to gather together and draw near to God.  

Three Streams: Catholic, Evangelical, Charismatic

To do this, we draw from three streams: catholic, evangelical, and charismatic.

Catholic Stream. The catholic element is shown through our liturgy and the fact that the Lord’s Supper is the central part of our service. We read from a liturgy that is rich with tradition and eloquent expression. We celebrate the Eucharist every week, kneeling at the altar and before the cross.  

Evangelical Stream. The evangelical element is shown through the reading of the Word and our emphasis on discipleship. We read three selections from the Bible: an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage, and one from the Gospel.  Every week there is a sermon elaborating on one or all of these passages.  

Charismatic Stream. The charismatic element is shown through our Spirit-centered worship in song and prayer. Drawing from the three streams (catholic, evangelical, and charismatic) yields a worship service that is rich, diverse, unifying, and Spirit-filled.


The music that we do here at New Covenant is a mix of old and new. You’ll hear the storied hymns of the past and the latest worship songs. Our band and singers are up front for one purpose: to lead the congregation in worship. Sometimes the music is celebratory and energetic; you might see people raising their hands or clapping. At other times the music is soft and reflective; people may sing softly as they kneel at the communion rail.  


Join us this Sunday for a time of fellowship, encouragement, and worship.  All are welcome!