TelePhone 407-699-0202

Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 1:00pm

Learning Centers: (50-60 minutes)

Activities include Art, Science, Literacy, Writing, Block building, Housekeeping, and Manipulative Games and Puzzles.

Circle Time: (15-20 minutes)

Prayer and sharing time, daily planning, calendar, and unit development.

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Bathroom Habits and Snack: (30 minutes)

Developing self-help skills, healthy eating habits and hygiene.

Music and Creative Movement: (15-20 minutes)

Songs, rhythm activities and body movement.

Lunch:  (30-40 minutes)

 Manners, nutrition, healthy choices and personal-social skills.

Story Time: (20-30 minutes)

Enjoyment of books and reading through stories, puppetry and drama.

Playground: (30 minutes)

Social and physical activity, cooperative play and use of large muscles on equipment.