For leaders: your group meeting


These questions help us connect with one another and with the situations or aspect of life we are considering. More than just icebreakers, they give us a chance to begin really hearing one another, showing love and commitment to those who have gathered. This also includes our hospitality, following up on last week’s prayer requests, saving a seat and making someone’s favorite snack.


 These questions help us examine the space between Jesus’ call to us as his followers and our lives now. Examining scripture, listening to other followers of Jesus, and discerning the Spirit’s leading help us see how to align ourselves with the call of Jesus. This supports our taking risks.


These questions help us identify where we stand and where we will move as we hear the claims of Jesus amid the many competing claims around us. They call on us to invest ourselves, soul and body, moving towards what we find most valuable. This discerns and directs our desires and hopes as we imagine how life would be if we followed Jesus and took definite steps towards him. This includes the prayers we pray for one another, the invitation for others to check-in on our commitments, and humility to admit when we have settled for sin instead of investing in God’s grace provided in Jesus Christ.