Student Ministry Volunteer Staff

Sunday Services:

8am Traditional
10am Contemp.
“…so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Student Ministry Adult Staff Volunteers

At New Covenant we are blessed to have an amazing group of adults who are committed to the spiritual growth of our students.  All of our volunteers must attend Risk Management Training, be present and active in the church for over six months and are required to have a nationwide background check done before they are included on our staff.  If you are interested in being a part of this ministry please talk with Glenn and begin the process for approval and training.


Justin & Jackie Fowler came to the New Covenant Student Ministry when they moved down from Jacksonville, FL a few years ago.  Jackie is a busy elementary school teacher and Justin is eyeball deep in books finishing his degree at UCF. Having them on our team is a special gift from God. They bring strength and commitment, and a passion for students and the Gospel to everything that they do.  It is a pleasure to serve along side of these two.  Fun note of info – they met on a mission trip to Honduras – now that’s meeting your mate in ministry if ever it’s been done!

Daniel Stevens grew up at New Covenant and then left with the U.S. Army for many years to protect our freedom.  Whe he returned home, he fit right in as a leader in the ministry.  Daniel brings a quiet yet commanding presence to the group and his steadfast love of the Lord and His word is an inspiration.  His heart of service is so refreshing as often his first question is "What do you need?"  As you get to know him, listen closely as he is full of wisdom and he sets a great example for our students.  We are thankful he's part of the team.

Rachel Stevens also grew up at New Covenant Church and has continued her involvement and service in the Student Ministry.  She has been a key component for nearly four years.  We love this lady’s heart of gold and passion for the Lord.  Her example and influence on these students is invaluable.  If it looks like she is flying in this picture, well she is!  Rachel is a dance instructor extraordinaire and brings that sense of poise and control to all she does.  Her presence in the ministry has a calming and comforting effect that provides a sense of peace to all around her.  

Thom Shaw is pictured here with wife Sheryl dressed like folks who have been in FL too long and get chilled easily!  Thom has served in the Student Ministry at New Covenant for many many years.  He began this long volunteer career when his wife Sheryl was the Youth Pastor and although Sheryl became the Mission’s Pastor a few years ago, Thom stayed as a youth volunteer – now THAT’S commitment.  Thom oversees the JC456 group with Jane Trnka and together they have taken the young program to new heights!  Thom is an amazing teacher and well, he’s just a lot of fun too – he’s the perfect example of what student ministry is all about: consistency, relationships and the love of God!

Jane Trnka has served in the Student Ministry at New Covenant for a number of years leading the JC456 group with Thom Shaw and is a gift to the ministry on every level.  Her organizational skills have been a gift across the entire ministry, not just JC456, and we appreciate her to no end.  Her walk with Christ is lived out as a true servant leader.  She loves these students and any they know it.  Jane is also the Mom of our worship leader for the youth band Aaron Trnka who by the way, will be graduating this year 2015!

David Vena is a joy to have on our team.  "Vena" as he is known to all, was once a member of the student ministry himself some 12 years ago.  We are so glad he returned as a leader after 6 years in the U.S. Army.  His dedication, honesty and love for others sets a great example for our young men and women.  Vena shows what it takes to walk with Christ in the trenches overseas and here at home.  We are thankful for his service to our country and for his service this youth group.