Get to Know God, the Bible, and New Friends in Sunday School

Fall Sunday School begins in September. Each week, we offer two options for Sunday school with different lessons for kids aged preschool through 6th grade.

At 9 o’clock, we have classes for kids and parents with breakfast served. We are using the Gospel Project curriculum, which focuses on a chronological journey through the Bible with a focus on recognizing the promises and problems that Jesus came to fulfill and solve. This class is a mixed-age group where children will learn how all the stories of the Bible fit together to tell the one larger story of God's love for the world through Jesus Christ. It also includes music and discussion.

9:00 am Sunday School- Gospel Project

The Big Story from The Gospel Project | LifeWay on Vimeo.

During the 10 o’clock service, the children will study the same scriptures (from the Lectionary) that parents will also be hearing, with opportunities to connect the teaching of scripture to life together. We are using Whirl Sunday School materials which lead children through the themes and reading of the church year, allowing us to retrace the steps of Jesus and his ministry as a whole parish. This curriculum emphasizes connections between the Bible, our worship together and building faith as a family through the week. We also gather as a large group during the month for music, developing our Bible skills and exploring larger themes relating to service, character and worship. 

10:00 am Sunday School- Whirl

We have nursery care for infants and toddlers at both times. Both times present the core teachings of the Bible to kids in clear, applicable ways that help shape kids hearts, minds, and service.