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Sunday Services:

8am Traditional
10am Contemp.
So warmly welcome each other into the church, just as Christ has warmly welcomed you; then God will be glorified. - Romans 15:7 (Living Bible)

Welcome To New Covenant Church

Our Sunday services are a powerful mix of ancient and modern worship. Our form of prayer has been used for nearly 2000 years with a contemporary music style connecting you with God and the lives around you.

Our Sunday Services

Traditional Service Traditional Service 8:00am
Contemporary Service Contemporary Service 10:00am
Adult Sunday School Adult Sunday School 9:00am
Children's Sunday School Children's Sunday School 10:00am

What To Expect On A Sunday Morning?

Welcome & Call to Worship

After you are greeted and seated there is a short entry procession of the ministers and an introduction from the leader and confession which is followed by about 20 minutes of contemporary worship music sung to God.


Worship ends with the “collect” or special prayer for the day, which links up to some element of the life and death of Jesus or, occasionally, an important figure like the apostle John.

Children’s Church Dismissal

Children will be dismissed immediately following the prayer to a Sunday School class or Children's Church.

Scripture Reading

Three scripture readings follow the prayer and consist of readings from the Old Testament, a letter and one of the gospels.


Father Carl or one of our Associate Ministers will deliver a message from the Bible designed to inspire, challenge, encourage and help us grow as followers of Jesus Christ.


We read the Nicene Creed (a historic statement of the church’s belief) together out loud as a church.

Intercessions or Prayers of the People

During this time, we read together aloud prayers for missionaries, armed services members, the sick, our government, etc.

The Peace

The next bit is where it may be different from what you are used to: we follow an old tradition called “the Peace”, which is where we greet our neighbors and “Pass the Peace” to symbolize the healed relationships that we have in Christ (and we say hi to our friends. This part is sometimes hard to stop!).

Holy Communion/Breaking of Bread

The children return to their families from Children's Church and we start the Holy Communion (or Lord’s Supper). As Anglicans we do this every week and we use an old form of blessing prayer which has been used (with variations) since the 4th century. It is in the form of a “conversation prayer” between the minister and the congregation where we remember the story and meaning of the death of Christ. It links us powerfully with the generations of God’s people. There is some singing as people receive the bread and wine.

Final Blessing and Dismissal

Then we finish with a blessing and the dismissal. Experienced prayer ministers are available to pray with you after the service if you wish or you can continue your fellowship over coffee, lemonade, donuts, fruit and more available in the courtyard.