Small Groups

At New Covenant we like small groups. We like them because they help you belong and they help you grow. Small groups are bridges for you to become a part of community. We all need help to follow Jesus faithfully; small groups are an important way to do just that.

Just like anything, there are seasons for groups. We have seasons in the church where we encourage everyone to go through a series together, and we start up many small groups for a season. Some of these groups continue meeting, and others don't.  There are groups that meet simply to have times of fellowship, getting to know one another and building relationships. There are other groups that dive into Scripture studies over lunch, and others that tend to do book studies. There are golfing groups, softball teams and restorative yoga groups. 

Sunday is like a family reunion. It is a celebration, a time to see everyone together and share in an important time of worship. However, we all need more than that, and we would love to help everyone find a place to develop friendships that will help you come into a better relationship with the Lord. 

Find the group that is right for you.

All of our groups have a common commitment to helping you grow in your faith. There are groups for every season and schedule, so please don't avoid a group because you feel too busy! For more information or to ask about starting a group of your own, please contact us today.