Let's Hear God's Word Together!

Choose a Five- or Ten- Day Plan

To grow in life, we need words from outside us to help us move forward. Listening is essential, because we cannot accumulate enough experiences and perspectives on our own.

Friends, mentors, family, and even antagonists speak words that can lead us out of ourselves towards a better place.

But a word from God takes pride of place. God speaks most clearly through our Savior Jesus Christ. But God spoke in a wide variety of ways so that the widest variety of people could hear His words to them. 

The Bible collects and announces so many of these words for us. So many words, but one good source. An Author who inspired each of the authors.

As we begin this new year, let’s hear God’s word together. It is simple, whether you’ve been reading the scriptures for years or have never read a sentence. It is powerful, especially if you are still deciding whether to let these words into your life. We look forward to listening with you.

You've Been Gifted Dwell!

As a gift from New Covenant to you, download a free subscription to Dwell, the Bible listening app. If you prefer to listen to the Bible directly from your computer instead of an app, try www.biblica.com/bible.

You've Been Gifted Dwell

Choose a Five- or Ten-Day Plan

Pick a five- or ten-day listening plan curated by a staff member, and then meet via Zoom to talk about it. 

Learn more about each plan below.

your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path--1-1

Jesus' Greatest Talks

Christopher's Plan

“God doesn’t want something from us, He simply wants us-” C-S- Lewis-1

Hope in Ugly Places

Erica's Plan

Easy as ABC

Easy as the ABCs

Tracy's Plan