The Society in Action-Day 3

June 27th, 2015 by Clint Kandle

Apolo 2-4-3The Training continues...  Thirty five clergy from three dioceses in the Congo and and twenty five from Tanzania are learning, praying, sharing and forming relationships with our clergy and laypeople.  Please continue to pray for all of the participants and trainers that they would continue to seek God's will with all of their hearts and that their actions would be the fruit of that submission.

From Canon Donlon:

The teams for the Apollo II outreach to Tanzania and Congo continue toApolo 2-4-1 do well and a work that is truly apostolic, missional and bearing much fruit. The session on the Baptismal Covenant, Acts as a model for Mission and Servant Leadership have been well received at both locations.

In Kibondo after the traditional enthusiastic welcoming celebrations with singing and dancing, food and formal introductions and greetings the teachings began. The team trained the 25 catechists, who are students at the local Diocesan Bible School.

They have received the training with a tremendous response demonstrated by thoughtful questions and helpful input Apolo 2-4-2reflecting their own commitment to apply the principles and practices they are learning in their cultural context. They were commissioned today at the Cathedral with the team fully involved.

In Kibondo there are 25 Rectors and Key regional Lay Leaders, while in Gisneyi we have had 35 key clergy from the three partner dioceses. As you may recall the teachings cover a spectrum of leadership and theological material is stimulating good discussion and insights on local adaptation in both places. Perhaps one of the great moments was the call to prayer as Servant Leaders that Amy Elliot addressed in her presentation which resulted in the three Dioceses spending time in a soaking prayer experience with each other. Not something they said they have the occasion to do very often...

Humbly In Christ's Service


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