The Journey From Old to New

April 22nd, 2016 by Gabriel Ipasu

x2l0vIskZVhGGSAUZzlTGfts6Y1GtRen1VHAg7zaRobsoAWKtiPzX4-gi90-aiAE5VS35YU=s114Our life here on earth is a constant journey and a life time experience from the old to the new, whether we look at things from incarnational or eschatological perspectives. It is very important to be aware of the constant tension, the paradox and most importantly the conflict between the old and the new in our lives. While we admit the vast complexity of this reality, our focal point should be on what it takes to belong to the new life and embrace its rhythm of newness so not to be carried away by the old or, even worse, to think we are in the new when in reality we remain in the old.

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and all its surrounding paschal implications is uncompromisingly the establishment of the new life that replaces, and even wipes away the old life. It is extremely crucial to be able to understand what the Lord calls old and new life. The catechesis on the old and the new life in terms of their respective contents and differences is what unlocks the beauty of the paschal mystery and places us in the position to own the mystery and the new life therein.

We must also learn to put on the garment of the eternally new life, so not to be dissipated sooner or later in this temporal life, once it becomes old. Jesus who died and rose from the dead is the Eternally New Life.

Join me Sunday as we explore just what that looks like.



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