New Covenant Church Sunday Service - June 16 2024 - Branches Wide and Strong

June 14th, 2024 by New Covenant Church

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Welcome to New Covenant Church!

We are so glad you have joined us to celebrate the Risen Lord and to hear a message this morning from Fr. Christopher Caudle called "Branches Wide and Strong." We look forward to seeing you online with us! Feel free to chat with us in the chat box.

Here are the scriptures for today: 

Ezekiel 17:22-24
Psalm 92:1-4,11-14
2 Corinthians 5:6-17
Mark 4:26-34

Video Chapters

00:00 - Opening
05:54 - Worship
27:30 - Scripture

35:34 - Sermon - Branches Wide and Strong
53:58- Profession of Faith
55:20 - Prayers
57:06 - Confession of Sins
57:48 - Peace
1:07:47 - Communion
1:20:34 - Announcements
1:25:18 - Service Ending

Sermon Lesson Summary

Fr. Christopher Caudle discusses the readings of the day, focusing on the message of hope and growth in the kingdom of God. He references the story of Ezekiel and the imagery of a tree being plucked and replanted, symbolizing the struggles and disappointments of the nation of Israel.

Fr. Christopher emphasizes that time is on God's side and that the growth of the kingdom is a process that God Himself is responsible for. He encourages listeners to trust in God's plan and to look at one another through the eyes of Jesus, recognizing the potential for growth and new creation.

Fr. Christopher concludes by reminding fathers that God offers strength and refreshment, regardless of their current state, and that the kingdom of God will continue to grow and bear fruit. 

Prayer (ask for prayer and pray for others)


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