New Covenant Church Sunday Service - June 2 2024 - Tan, Rested and Ready

June 1st, 2024 by New Covenant Church

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Welcome to New Covenant Church!

We are so glad you have joined us to celebrate the Risen Lord and to hear a message this morning from Fr. Christopher Caudle called "Tan, Rested, & Ready." We look forward to seeing you online with us! Feel free to chat with us in the chat box.

Here are the scriptures for today: 

Deuteronomy 5.12-15
Psalm 81.1-10
2 Corinthians 4.5-12
Mark 2.23- 3.6


Content of this video:

00:00 - Introduction
06:26 - Opening of Service
26:09 - Scripture
- Sermon -- Tan, Rested and Ready
59:38 - Profession of Faith
1:01:00 - Prayers of the People
- Passing of the Peace
- Offering
- Communion
- Announcements

Sermon Lesson Summary

This sermon is titled Tan, Rested, and Ready.  Fr. Christopher Caudle discusses the concept of the Sabbath and its significance in the lives of believers. He emphasizes that the Sabbath is not just a day of rest, but a sign that points to God's promise of rest. Christopher explains that the Sabbath was given to the Israelites as a commandment after their release from slavery, and later reiterated before they entered the promised land. Christopher highlights how Jesus challenged the legalistic and hypocritical interpretation of the Sabbath by the Pharisees, and how Jesus demonstrated that the Sabbath is meant to do good and save lives. Christopher also emphasizes that the Sabbath is not meant to be a burden or a religious obligation, but a time of community. He encourages believers to observe the Sabbath as an act of faith and trust in God's providence. Christopher concludes by reminding the congregation that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and that every day can be consecrated to Him. He invites them to experience the rest and peace that God offers and to bear witness to this rest in their lives. 

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