Easter Looked Different This Year

April 19th, 2020 by Erica Stephenson

Alleluia chalk drawing

Easter looked different this year, but we celebrated anyway! Thank you to everyone who participated in Stations of the Cross, whether as a reader or a participant.

We were blown away hearing stories of you delivering eggs to your neighbors, egg hunts, chalk art, and other wonderful family events.

Check out the beautiful chalk art above that was created by our members!

Read below to hear some of the stories that we received from families who delivered Easter Eggs to their neighbor's so the kids could have an at-home Easter egg hunt.

Glenn and Jana gave some to their neighbors, and the Buffingtons and Neubeckers took bags around their neighborhood as well.

A story from the Stones:

My coworker had the contract on his house fall through right when all this craziness started and therefore couldn't move into their new house. So his family of five had to move in with a relative.

Because of the overall stress of tight finances, trying to work, and do school from home, they weren't planning to really do anything much for Easter.

But a few days before the weekend his kids said how excited they were about Easter.

I was able to pick up eggs for them from the church and they had a wonderful Easter egg hunt all dressed up, and enjoying the day!

Easter Egg Hunt

A story from Shannon S:

The neighbor who lives behind me have 3 children. They’ve been “socially distancing” with just one other family in the neighborhood that also has 3 children.  

The two mothers were ecstatic a few days ago when I told them I had eggs for them.  These were the eggs that came from our church.

Welcome to our porch

They’d been struggling to figure out how to have Easter Egg Hunts for their children, and Target was all out of pre-filled eggs. They couldn’t find eggs or stuff to fill them with anywhere.  

The bags of eggs from the church helped the kids have a wonderful Easter egg hunt!

Bag of Easter eggs

God’s peace to you.  So blessed to be part of Christ’s resurrected community with you all.

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Erica Stephenson

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