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Thank You for the Prayer!

February 26th, 2016 by Erica Stephenson


Thank you for praying for our 4th-6th graders as they went on their retreat last Saturday!

The JC456 leaders, Thom Shaw, Kris Taff and Jane Trnka, planned a great day where students learned more about who God is through Daniel's story. Lee Grady, one of the missionaries that New Covenant supports, also came out and spoke to the students about his work. He invited them to see how they are a part of God's mission in the world. They seemed so encouraged to spend time with one of the missionaries from our church, who they consistently write cards to and pray for.

If you see one of the students this Sunday, ask them about their favorite part of the retreat! Thank you for supporting and praying for this part of our family as they pursue loving God and each other!

This Sunday, join me as we look at Exodus 3:1-15 to determine what God has to say to us.

Erica Stephenson, Youth Minister


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