Missions Sunday

March 4th, 2016 by Kourtney Street

India PicDear New Covenant Friends,

Last week I had the privilege of hearing from a leader as she told the story of Elijah in I Kings. She explained how the brave widow chose to entrust her remaining earthly sustenance to a stranger at the risk of starving her son. Elijah’s prayerful obedience, coupled with the widow’s generosity, unveil an out of the box missions scenario that has given me much cause for reflection this week.

What is the face of global missions in 2016?

Real-time news updates and humanitarian crises can leave the most mature Believers paralyzed. What does it look like to have the faithfulness of Elijah and the courageous generosity of the widow in 2016?

From Genesis forward, the scriptures are wrought with the admonition to pray, to give and to go. Like Elijah's journey, sometimes the initial scenarios seem a little crazy. But our good God is both creative and dependable. When we answer yes to our part, He always shows Himself faithful.

This week is World Mission’s Sunday. We look forward to telling the story of God's good work in some out of the box ways in 2016.

Kourtney and Rich Street


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