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August 1st, 2013 by Carl Buffington

Friday Epistle

July 5, 2013


Dear Member of New Covenant,

The Missional Church

Being missional is not about what churches do, but what churches empower people to do in their every day lives. The Great Commission is so much more than spreading the Gospel in words; it is about embodying the Gospel message-it's hope for transformational renewal-in everything we do. This is what it means to be missional. Witness is no longer an activity we do now and again, but witness is who we are. The world will encounter God's love in Christ because they encounter you, and you are equipped by God's Holy Spirit and with His Word to demonstrate the transformational truth, the relevance, the healing power of the Gospel.

What type of transformation do you think is necessary in our church to live missionally in a post-christian context, in our world?

What type of transformation do you think is necessary in your life to live missionally in your work place, neighborhoods, beaches, schools and communities?

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.         John 1:4

Let's go and do the same.


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