Preschool as Outreach-Even to Our Own

June 5th, 2015 by Carl Buffington

Child Preschool

As the story goes, mythical no doubt, one of the Rector’s grandkids organized a preschool escape on her second day. The first day must have been reconnaissance. Her siblings seemed not to have followed suit.

The preschool has blessed the socks off our family.

The preschool can touch us in a lot of different ways. Just its daily presence brings an ambiance of joy to our New Covenant campus. But Chuck Hazama’s testimony is unique and stunning, and will likely bless your socks off, too.

Expect the Unexpected – Chuck Hazama

God uses the most unexpected things, people, or events to provide us exactly what we usually do not even know we need. As you may imagine, I (with my almost 9 years of living with a TBI – traumatic brain injury and loss of 14-year old, Luke, a year before that) like all of us, have moments of challenge, doubt, negativity, anger, frustration, hopelessness, etc., etc., etc.

Yet, this is what happened for me, to me, when I accepted the invitation to stay after our prayer time and listen to Children’s Chapel Service that our preschool does on Wednesdays at 9:30 A.M.

JOY. Unadulterated joy! Teaching. Simple story. Prayer. With a room full of adorable, attentive, excited, listening, engaged, young children. Evidence of why Jesus tells us to be like children.

Evidential reminders of the good seeds being planted right here in our midst by the faithful, hard-working, and engaged teachers.

Evidence of parents wanting the best for their children.

Treasured reminders of the priceless times with our own children flooded me. Uplifting reminders of how children are a gift to all of us.

Seeds being planted. Old seeds being fed.

In those few minutes, the unexpected happened.

I was not TBI.

I was not negative or any of those “other” life-sapping emotions.

I was not focused on the things of this world.

Instead, the Lord used His JOY, thru these children, to renew me. To remind me. To encourage me. To (re-) open my eyes and heart. To challenge me to go and continue to learn and practice doing what Jesus asks us to do for others. I was unexpectedly renewed.

This is our God.

This is the amazing school and staff He has placed in our midst.

This is an experience I want to share, and now practicing what Jesus tells us to do… go. Whether going to share the actual words of the Good News of Jesus, or going to share our testimony, or going to share how God did His unexpected thing (again), here is how God and our school are impacting lives… theirs and mine.

Pray and support our school… go.

Our preschool needs our help and our prayers.

It’s an award winning ministry of New Covenant and is one of our strongest outreach ministries -- our credentials are impeccable, our staff unbeatable.

We need students.

We are way short of what we need for the August opening day.
Please pray, and please tell your friends.
Let’s not let this ministry escape us!


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Carl Buffington

Carl Buffington is a bishop in Anglican Mission International (AMI). He has been in ministry for over forty years. He lives in Florida with his wife Barb and their lively golden retriever, Sammy.

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