The Peddler Of Choices

June 4th, 2016 by Carl Buffington

ChoicesThe Peddler of Choices is one of the more provocative and lesser-known appellations ascribed to our Lord. As in the gospel reading for this Sunday, the story of the widow of Nain, Jesus
reveals God's mercy and the oppression of people. And when our eyes are opened and we can see more clearly we realize the choices before us.

In the 3:53 minute video testimony attached to this epistle, Karisse Schilling faces a choice and listen to what God says to her when she tells Him she is through with serving Him. It is stunning! I can't help but think of Teresa of Avila's comment to our Lord after a miserable trip and being thrown from her mount into a cold river, "If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few."


<CLICK> on picture for video.

Karisse's father is a long time friend of ours, and she was a Flager classmate of our son AJ's. Barbara and I attended her funeral last Saturday. From the bulletin: "Karisse was an abolitionist, missionary to 27 countries, author, advocate and mentor." That's a lot of life for just 37 years in this world. Later, in her own words, "...I have learned Life is short and we must live it well. I have learned the Jesus is all there is, and he is good even when circumstances aren't. I have learned to take things one moment at a time when necessary. Sometimes I just breathe in and out and call that a successful, Warrior day."

100 days and counting -- how will we live this one? Once more The Peddler of Choices has put a choice before us.f8b1ec2a-6668-4ce3-b5c5-1820d8bd87ff

Blessings to you all!

PS Special thanks to Erica Rosenberger, Tanya, Ethan, and Gordon Hunt for sharing last Sunday! And to our Lord for blessing His people! What a testimony!

PPS More thanks to you all who made the Memorial Day Picnic such wonderful time!


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