"Do Not Be Afraid"

August 12th, 2016 by Clint Kandle

images"Do not be afraid, little flock..." How we need these words from our Great Shepherd. We are a vulnerable, fearful little collection of people, aren't we? This fallen world is violent, unsafe, unpredictable, and just downright scary. This is the current state of America, SE Asia and everywhere else. My dear Asian friends live with a great deal of fear. Their cultural and religious practices are primarily driven by fear and striving. Sometimes we, as Christians, are scared too.

Jesus cares about our fears. He is an ever present comfort. He is a giver of courage, strength and peace in our most fragile times. What affection in Jesus's words "Do not be afraid, little flock". He offers such love, tenderness and courage here. It's essential that we don't miss the heart of God in that.

And in the same breath, Jesus calls us to action...to engage in kingdom work. "...for He is pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions, give to the poor", etc. He tells us to invest our hearts in what really matters. Even if we're scared, we must give our hearts (for Kingdom work is not merely outward service). He promises to be with us and to build His church! He's already doing it and we get to join in, each in our own unique way.

I invite you to come Sunday as I share about some Kingdom building in Asia. I'll be sharing stories and encouragement from my last year and a half of living there and serving the people.

In Christ,



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