Mission in the City

July 26th, 2018 by Erica Stephenson

If you were at New Covenant last week for any amount of time you noticed the sights, sounds and smells of middle school students - 24 of them to be exact. There were 10 high school and college leaders who were intern staff leading the middle school students. There were countless adults who filled all kinds of roles during the week, from donating equipment, driving a vehicle, being campus security, to contributing meals and desserts, leading a team of middle school students in the field, praying, and so much more. People from at least 8 different church’s made up Mission in the City last week.

Over 20 projects were completed at Meals on Wheels client homes, Indian Trails Middle School, Keeth Elementary School, Carillon Elementary School, Canterbury Retreat Center, Community United Methodist Church, University Baptist Church, Lutheran Haven, and New Covenant Church.

All for one purpose - to catch a glimpse of who God is as students served side by side from different churchs and schools to build God’s Kingdom right in their own backyard!

Here is the story of Mission in the City...

All stories were written down by middle school students after returning from their day’s work projects.

“Today, I was so glad to help Mr. Hans and the church, even though we got rained on and were stuck for a while. My clothes will never be dry again.”

“I saw God bless us today with golf balls, bungee cords, splash cymbals, coconuts, and starfruit. All were found in random places and all were awesome! My least favorite part was the way my stomach felt after the 3rd chicken patty (sandwich).”


“The best part of the day was when we sat inside the building type thing and did our devotional.”


“What I liked about today was working as a team, talking and laughing.”


“I see God in all of us, no matter what we do He is with us and we love Him. I saw God the first day I came to camp and that makes me happy. Thank you to all of the people who helped us.”


“I feel like I connected with people way more today.”


“I liked how we impacted two ladies with helping clean their yards.“


“The funniest part of the day was when I was pushing the wheelbarrow and it fell over. A God moment was the verses we read during the devotional, Luke 7:36-50, Psalm 139.”


“I really enjoyed cleaning up the school we went to and seeing how amazing it looked after we put new wood and spreading the mulch and rocks, especially because we got cookies after. Yum!”

“Godly moment was when we talked about Jesus is everywhere.”


“Something we did today was learn to gather like a family.”

See more pictures of the week on Mission in the City’s Facebook page! 

For those of you who contributed in any way - THANK YOU. We simply could not have done this work without all of you. I hope that you caught a glimpse of how God worked in, around and through these students last week!


About this author:

Erica Stephenson

Erica Stephenson

Erica is the Youth & Young Adult Minister at New Covenant. She is passionate about seeing students and their families love Christ and each other. Erica is married to her husband, Mike, and enjoys traveling, reading, almost any outdoor activity, and time with family.

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