September 7th, 2018 by Christopher Caudle

Hanging pictures is best done by a team of two.  One person shifts the wire on the back of the picture to the left or right until it finds a magical (mythical) midpoint where the picture will hang evenly.

But the second person is also essential. They have to stand back and from a distance that can take in the whole picture and the things around it, declare whether or not the picture is, in fact, even.

These jobs seem like magic to me.

Its hard to know how much of an adjustment is necessary for role one to succeed. A little to the left. Back a bit the other way. No, that's too much. Almost. The opportunity to correct and overcorrect when sliding the wire along the nail is a blind challenge.

The second role involves less intense labor, but can only work if you have clear, level vision. A crooked head, an unobservant eye, impatience with person number one makes this job difficult as well.


Why is the search for a level, equal, even place so often pursued along a winding road?


In the mirror, in the minivan, in the marketplace, in the meeting room, it seems difficult to find an even keel. We hear ourselves saying, "It's not that crooked when you tilt your head a little."


Even when I can delegate or compensate for my picture-hanging deficiencies, the other uneven parts of life require attention.


The readings this week invite us, surprise us, with the issues of =.


Isaiah catalogs the distribution of judgment and blessing, James presses us to experience the temptations of favoritism, and Jesus shocks us with blunt language to a mother seeking help for her child.


= is elusive.


But, our prophets and apostles don't merely describe, and Jesus doesn't merely surprise. There is a path toward even, and it goes past several well-worn pit-stops along the way.


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Christopher Caudle

Christopher Caudle

Fr. Christopher has an authentic sense of humor and is a man after the Lord's own heart. He pastors the members of New Covenant Church while keeping his family as a keen priority. Fr. Christopher holds BA in History from the University of North Carolina and a MA in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theology Seminary.

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