Easter Makes A Christian

March 19th, 2016 by Christopher Caudle

Easte Egg Hunt Mailer

Easter makes a Christian.

The events and accomplishments we celebrate each year in the life and work of Jesus distinguish followers of Jesus from adherents to every other leader or philosophy.

Jesus makes Easter.

Last week, Ivan and Felicita Sikha gave us an opportunity to experience the power and responsibility of story-ing as we imagine new ways to share good news with interested people around us.

Followers of Jesus through the ages and around the world have taken time around Easter to tell again the story that makes all the difference.

We want you to join us as we tell the story of Easter during the coming week.

It is never to late to join us.  Today at 11am, we will welcome our neighborhood to the Early Easter Egg Hunt, offering hospitality, hotdogs and joy to children and their families for the quickest 3 minutes of the year. Many thanks to all who have brought candy, helped pack treat bags, invited a neighbor, and prayed for sunshine. It’s still not too late to invite a friend.

Sunday is Palm Sunday, welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem and to hearing the good news of his trial and voluntary death for His people and the world.

This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 5:30, the Stations of the Cross will lead us to through the last steps of Jesus as he accomplishes salvation for His people.

On Tuesday morning at 10am, join Bishop Carl and the local clergy of the Anglican Mission as we celebrate a Chrism Mass for the coming year. In this service we set aside oil for the ministry of the church in the coming year. The Very Reverend Kezlon Semanda, Dean of the Cathedral in Buganda, Uganda will be the preacher. This will mark the third annual celebration of this service in our parish. The service looks forward to the coming year and recognizes that there will be times of sickness, opportunities for spiritual formation and celebrations of new and renewed life in Christ. With these occasions in mind, and with the model of Jesus’ service before us, the bishop leads us to seek God’s blessing for our people and upon the oils to be used for anointing, baptisms, confirmations, commissioning and ordinations. Through the sacramental ministry of His office, Bishop Carl is with the priests and members of the parishes in our network as we minister through the year. The service is an invitation for prayer and confidence that the ministry of Jesus continue through His church in the Spirit’s power.  Please join us as we pray for one another and for the year’s ministry.

On Tuesday evening, beginning at 6pm, Road to Resurrection offers families with children ages 3- Middle School an opportunity to travel through Holy Week by stopping by 4 stations. In this hour-long hands-on experience, scripture from the Gospels guide families through the events surrounding Jesus death and resurrection.

Begin with a simple meal in the Parish Hall, then wave palm branches to honor Jesus; tiptoe into an upper room and taste the Passover meal, visit Barabbas and a Roman Soldier in the prison, and celebrate on a hillside outside Jerusalem where Jesus has risen from the dead. Groups of families will begin the tour around campus every 15 minutes, with the last tour leaving the Parish Hall at 7:30pm. Please RSVP at the Easter Egg Hunt or on Sunday morning so we can prepare food for you and your kids. The event is free, and we look forward to guests.

Holy Communion will be celebrated on Wednesday at Noon.

Maundy Thursday service at 7:00pm leads us to the edge of the Paschal Mystery. Join us as we honor the service of Christ to His disciples, the giving of the new commandment and the institution of the Lord’s Supper.

You may still sign up for the Maundy Thursday Prayer Vigil, as we enter into Christ’s invitation to pray with him for an hour in His time of trial and as he prays for us and our salvation. You may pray at home or at the church. Prayer Guides will be available at the Maundy Thursday service to guide your prayers and petitions.

Good Friday services will be held at noon and at 7pm as we mark the crucifixion and death of Christ. The Prayer Book service of solemn collects will guide our prayers for ourselves, our world and for those who need Christ.

Easter Sunday begins at 7am with the Community Sunrise Service at Central Winds Park. Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ with five other local churches and our neighbors. Pray that people will respond to your invitation and join you (with your lawn chair or blanket) to publicly proclaim Christ’s victory over death. We are thankful to have Dr. Jim Coffield as this year’s sunrise speaker, and members of our parish lead worship.

Services here at 8am and 10am give us a great opportunity to share the good news that shapes history. What a great opportunity to share this good news with a neighbor or friend. We will have Sunday School for the children, and welcome bags for our guests. We will mark the return of the wonderful word we have labored so diligently to suppress.

It’s better when we say that word All...together. Easter makes a Christian. Jesus makes Easter.

Happy Holy Week.



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