P.S. Money Helps, Even in a Dog Eat Dog World

July 6th, 2021 by Carl Buffington

I thought I was having a rough day until I read my emails.


My day began with a simple bike ride with Barbara.  Up ahead I saw a squirrel debating to dart in front of me.  He faked this way and then that way, and then came my way.  Thank goodness my front tire was a bit low, I thought, as I caught him mid-belly - “Ka-thump.”  Barb assured me he ran off without so much as a limp.  I still worry about internal injuries.


That was enough excitement for one morning’s ride.  We got to the house about 8:45.  I could use a haircut, I thought, and they open at 9:00.  “Should I check in online?” I queried.  “No, I’ll be there when they open.”

As I pulled into a parking place at the Hair Cuttery in my little yellow Fiat 500, a large SUV roared into the spot next to me, closer to the door.  The driver, almost falling out of his car, eyed me as if to say, “I can beat you to the door.”  In days gone by I might have taken his challenge.  But not today, the squirrel was enough trauma.

fiat 500

As we passed through the prized portal to have our hairs trimmed, he was indeed first and I was second, but only for a second.  A third person who somehow got right on my heels, called out to Hair Cuttery cutter, “I checked in online.”  “Uh oh!”  That changed everything!  Thank goodness there were 3 people to cut hair.

As I exited before my 2 competitors, I thought, “Yes indeed, the last shall be first. I win after all.” 

And then realized I had become that with which I had contented.  Oops.

And Then I Checked My Email

Take this attitude, disposition, whatever you want to call it, to its extreme and we see the horror we humans can make of it.  Look at what it is producing in a couple of our partners' lives, like in the DRC with +William, and Haiti with +Burnet.

The correspondence below I received that same day.


+William's Letter from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


When you pray for us, you don't see what happens in the heavenly realms. I planned to visit Boga on Thursday to see the people living in Boga and Tchabi now. They are in a real humanitarian disaster. Without any medical care, children and women are dying every day. Not a single organization has gone to Boga until today. I made contact with the army and the UN forces to organize a security escort. The army was ready, but the UN says it will take some time to organize. As I informed you, I decided to cancel the journey. A lorry that was driving from Bukiringi to Boga was attacked and burnt down with six people in it, a 2-month-old baby included. That happened the same day I was to travel with my medical team. The UN is still organizing that trip for next week. Hope that we will make it if God allows it! Thank you for your prayers.

The Burned Lorry

Bishop William

+Burnet's Letter from Haiti


Dear Bishop Carl;

Thank you for your email. Thanks for the monies.  This support is very helpful for the children. Food for them is a luxury product. The basic food costs a lot. The challenges are a lot.  Kidnapping, insecurity, famine, violence, and political instability. The people are tired to protest and fight. Fortunately, we believe in God. We celebrate and share that God never will abandon us.

The Anglican Mission Haiti makes the choice to survive. We have two communities in Port Au Prince that continue to come every Sunday for the services. The third community localized to Gressier is closed because the gangs kill people in this area. We offer Prayer service online because there is no other way.  We opened another community in the North East of the republic. I was there from May 18 to June  15.  I took this time to visit the prayer group and also to train leaders to manage this young community. 


We hope that the calm will come soon. We want to ordain 4 candidates to the order of deacons.   We pray and ask God for peace for our Country.  Your visit will be helpful for this mission and the same for Emily. It's better to wait more because the insecurity increases more and more.  We hope that at the end of the year,  it will be favorable to receive Emily and you.  At this time the country is not safe.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Tell Emily that we are waiting for her but this moment is not the best to go to Haiti. July 14, I come back to Florida for a month and a half.  I wish to see you to discuss the apostolic works.  

Thank you again. May God bless you abundantly, + Burnet


Anglican Mission International has sent about $25,000.00 to Bishop William from New Covenant parish and people.  Thank you!  He is able to buy food and clothing and provide transportation.  In addition, AMI has sent monies to Haiti and to Boga totaling close to $20,000.00.   As these heroes of our Faith say, it helps.

Food in the DRC

Distributing food in the DRC



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