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November 22nd, 2017 by
A short report
“On Nov 19th a regional vicariate of the Society was established in Port Au Prince. On this day Bishop Carl Buffington, Emissary Bishop of Boga, DRC, installed Fr. Burnet Cherisol as Episcopal Vicar, and received two clergy to serve in the Society. He confirmed 6 young people and received into the Communion 6 adults. The new work will be based at Holy Family Parish in Port au Prince which gathered today for the first time with over 100 Congregants.” Bishop Kevin Donlon
Dear All,
Fr. Gabriel Ipasu, Sheryl Curbow-Shaw and I met up with Bishop Kevin Donlon in Port au Prince, Haiti, this past weekend — each of us playing our parts as if we had rehearsed.
Sheryl, bringing her mission experience from New Covenant and Global Teams, shared with those forming this vicariate ideas for projects and plans for mission.  Fr. Gabriel, being fluent in French, fit right in and we still don’t know what he said about us in his sermon Sunday!  Bishop Kevin, bringing all the necessary paper work and all the pieces to the 3-hour liturgy, kept us on track and focused.  What a blessed time it was!
Fr. Burnet Cherisol, the Episcopal Vicar, is something of a local celebrity.  Everywhere we went, he knew people.  Even the security people at the airport just nodded and let us pass coming and going with him.  He was a professor at the local seminary and is a most capable leader, not to mention a really nice guy.
The pictures below: me introducing Fr. Burnet; all of us meeting all day Saturday, Gabriel preaching, and going into the service Sunday.
GIVING THANKS for your prayers and for allowing me to be part of this truly exciting adventure!

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Carl Buffington, Rector My ministry at New Covenant began in 1993. Barbara, my wife, and our 3 children moved here from Evergreen, CO, high and dry to low and wet, quite a change. I was brought up in the northeast, a suburb of New York, and Barbara grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. We met while I was attending The Philadelphia Divinity School in West Philadelphia where I received an M.Div. degree in 1972, and I was ordained a deacon and priest in the same year. I went to seminary directly from college. I earned an A.B. degree from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. For 5 years of my ministry I was a traveling evangelist, sharing the story of our Lord and his presence and power in a different church every weekend. What I have always loved about New Covenant is the blending of the charismatic, the evangelical, and the sacramental aspects of the Faith. And what still gets me up in the morning is seeing people change, seeing people encounter the living Lord. I just love to see hearts changed by the Holy Spirit. Education: BA from the College of William & Mary 1969 MA in Divinity from the Philadelphia Divinity School 1972 Ordination: Ordained in the Diocese of CT – Deacon and Priest 1972 Ordained and Consecrated a Bishop, Emissary to Boga Diocese, Democratic Republic of the Congo - 2015

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