Listening Prayer: Questions and Comments

July 29th, 2021 by Christopher Caudle

We are learning that God does speak to each of us in a multitude of ways.  

How to Give and Receive

July 21st, 2021 by Vance Browning

When Gabby and I were a bit younger we were part of a homegroup that met at a house in a small town called Oviedo that was then, way out in the boonies. 

At one meeting we had a discussion about faith and then had refreshments.  On the topic of faith, I mentioned to a woman I met for the first time, that I had been without work for quite a long time, but that we knew that God was providing for us.  I would have preferred that God’s provision would come as a good-paying job, but I didn’t want to tell Him how to do His job! 

To drive the point home as, hopefully, an inspiration to her faith, I cheerfully told her that the only money we had was the change in my pocket. (Yes, people used to carry coins in their pockets back then.)  I pulled out the two quarters and showed them to her.

Money Is Dangeous

July 6th, 2021 by Bishop Carl Buffington

Stuck in a desk drawer, I found a dusty letter to the best man in our wedding, and my best friend ever, Tom Minifie.  We often spoke but seldom wrote.  So it was a find for me, even if the subject was odd: tithing

And tithing is about money.  You can’t get around it.  Someone once tried to make the case that it wasn’t, he said he tithed his time instead of his money.  ‘Good luck with that,’ I thought.  Reminds me of the picture of the person being baptized, who is all underwater but holding his wallet in his hand above the water.  ‘Good luck…’

P.S. Money Helps, Even in a Dog Eat Dog World

July 6th, 2021 by Carl Buffington

I thought I was having a rough day until I read my emails.

My day began with a simple bike ride with Barbara.  Up ahead I saw a squirrel debating to dart in front of me.  He faked this way and then that way, and then came my way.  Thank goodness my front tire was a bit low, I thought, as I caught him mid-belly - “Ka-thump.”  Barb assured me he ran off without so much as a limp.  I still worry about internal injuries.

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