A Good Friday Epistle

March 25th, 2016 by Carl Buffington

Buried under my books and blogs, notes and commentaries both ancient and modern, I found myself still at a loss to imagine what happened this weekend – Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Yet there are some things to be said, and some things to be partially realized, and a once-for-all story to be shocked by once again.

One thing we can say is the cross is a pivotal place.  What we say about the cross and the resurrection determines our direction, our destiny.

One film I watched lately, CALVARY, an Irish film of 2014 starring Brendan Gleeson as the priest, began with the words from St. Augustine (354-430):

Do not despair: one thief was saved.

Do not presume: one thief was damned.


Easter Makes A Christian

March 19th, 2016 by Christopher Caudle

Easter makes a Christian.

The events and accomplishments we celebrate each year in the life and work of Jesus distinguish followers of Jesus from adherents to every other leader or philosophy.

Jesus makes Easter.

Last week, Ivan and Felicita Sikha gave us an opportunity to experience the power and responsibility of story-ing as we imagine new ways to share good news with interested people around us.

Followers of Jesus through the ages and around the world have taken time around Easter to tell again the story that makes all the difference.

We want you to join us as we tell the story of Easter during the coming week.

Unless I'm All Wet...

March 15th, 2016 by Carl Buffington

And I am often all wet.

I heard the first splash and scream from my study, then a second, followed by a third. Arriving at the pool, I saw that Emmett was more cautious, working his way into the pool step by step. For all, it was the first dip of the swim season. And I still don’t know how I resisted Abby’s “Pleeeease Papa” invitation, because as I mentioned, I’m usually all wet and my splash is usually in the first wave.

A few weeks ago I had been giving thanks to God for the faith in our family, especially remembering our children and now watching our grandchildren. Watching them and listening to them express and live their life with the Lord is such a blessing and encouragement, and as I gave thanks I wondered where/how they got it.

Missions Sunday

March 4th, 2016 by Kourtney Street

Dear New Covenant Friends,

Last week I had the privilege of hearing from a leader as she told the story of Elijah in I Kings. She explained how the brave widow chose to entrust her remaining earthly sustenance to a stranger at the risk of starving her son. Elijah’s prayerful obedience, coupled with the widow’s generosity, unveil an out of the box missions scenario that has given me much cause for reflection this week.

What is the face of global missions in 2016?

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